Technical Development
Business Development and Strategy
IBC Business Development and Strategy is a new Software designed to assist Management Consultants to identify and prioritize areas of the business which require attention so as to provide the best return on investment of Consulting Costs
Our Management Effectiveness diagnosis program has revealed that very low percentages of time is spent by Managers doing what Managers are there to do, namely Managing.
The new Software approaches each branch of activity and downloads all available information to the appropriate module. These activities are Quality control, Market Surves, Sales & Marketing, Order Processing, Invoicing, Costing and Accounting. The program then examines the related information and produces a series of optional alternative solutions to the identified problems. The Sales and Marketing module is further discussed below to illustrate the approach more fully
e.g. Sales and Marketing displays the volume of Sales for each product over a 2 years period and provides a Sales Forecast for the 3rd year (nothing new about this). In one case the Profit Margin for each product is then examined and linked to the Costing and Market survey information and other existing information such as the existing Productivity level and so on and so on. This formidable collection of information is then presented in a meaningful way to facilitate the decision making process to reach the Optimal solution(s) for action
IBC Case Studies
These studies also provide the explanation for as well as the problem. It is simply that they are caught up in a trap where they spend typically: 30% firefighting, 15% attending meetings, 20% duplicating information, 25% doing Clerical and Administraive work and the Balance 10% Managing